A history that last for 20 years: the family's farmstead

Nowadays more families choose to convert their parents's, grandparents's or great-grandparents's houses in agritourism. First of all it is a way to give more value to that places marked from history, making them still usable. This is an opportunity to initiate a business that is enduring a proper revive over the last few years.
In the past the agritourism was a simple way of free welcome where farmers, with their generosity, hosted people who came from city involving them into farm activities and introducing their different produced food. That wish of leaving the city for a while, relishing the pleasure to spend a refreshing period in the countryside, was present at that time and has grown through the years. Today this represents a solid offer in whole Italy with a big number of accommodation facilities that match hosting places with history and culture value with the pleasure of living close to nature for few days.

Who stays in agritourism wants not just enjoy the territory, but even discover the history behind the environment that for few days will be their home. Here it comes the proposal to enhance antique family's buildings , as Cascina Magana, because it is the best way to pass on to guests a long history.
Open in a courtyard of the 1600s, now for almost 20 years, this family's farmhouse boasts rural places expertly furnished respecting the traditions. Guests can plunge in an old-time atmosphere staying overnight in one of the six rooms, one time farmhouses, situated at the first floor of the farmstead.

Agrihotel: with hotel comforts and agritourism advantages

It is a win formula to combine hotel comforts with hardiness and an agritourism's history. This is always more appreciated by tourists who seek the contact with nature but do not want to give up on pleasures of a holiday rich of pleasant surprises.
The tourist wants to feel cuddled even in the middle of the nature at the countryside where the time is spread over by natural rhythm. This is why we often tend to talk of Agrihotel, a construction where agritourism's qualities and hotel's comforts are mixed cleverly. Starting from the rooms that have to be thought looking forward to a genuine and familiar hospitality and cured in the interns choice, offering a range of equipments like Wi-Fi, en-suite room, hair dryer, towels and everything for the tourist's comfort. Inside this historic farm, from farmstead to the courtyard and the antique building, you find interns in line with the centuries-old tradition farm and a rich range of services for customers in order to give an unforgettable experience.

The Cascina Magana Agritourism could be considered as a very and proper example of "antique and modern" AgriHotel in which stay overnight means to sleep in rooms obtained from the old farmhouses, furnished with good taste following the east hinterland of Milan history, without giving up on comfort.

Cascina Magana: the strategic point to visit the Brianza

The Agritourism is settle in the middle of forests and countryside and, at the same time, it is within a short distance from cities with an extraordinary architectonic and cultural relevance like Milan, Bergamo, Monza, Lecco and Como. The range of possibilities for tourists is significantly wider. The offer is really reach and interesting due to the fact that it is possible to spend a day discovering natural beauty around the area, participating in walking tour or riding a bicycle and moving to the cities, where admire historical wonders between Villas, churches and buildings.

From the Dom of Milan to Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, to the nearest amazing historical centre of Monza, city of Formula 1 Grand Prix; from the suggestive high city of Bergamo to the branch of Lecco, overlooking the stunning mirror of water; much possibilities to admire the countless beauties offered from Lombarde cities. A region where to find countryside and cities, mountains and lakes recommended to build a holiday suitable to each demand. Staying in an Agritourism, as Cascina Magana, allow to satisfy all these needs because, located at Burago in the milanese hinterland and in the heart of Brianza, it is in a strategic area as in less of one hour allows to reach all the main Lombarde cities as well as the natural beauties that surround it. 

The tourists are able to dedicate a day to discover the Brianza with its watercourses, cycle paths and antique Villas in the few boroughs and even to move to different cities and visit museums, church and beautiful historical centres.

Eat and drink from our production

Spend a wonderful day in Agritourism does not mean to make you just close to the nature discovering so many peculiarities, but also to find out the pleasure of tasting meal and genuine wines made with raw materials grown carefully, respecting the environment. The home-made products represent the value added to each agritourism, to eat during a holiday, a lunch, or to buy and bring it home as little piece of local tradition.

The catering service is the distinctive element of each location surrounded by green area, because customers have the opportunity to come in a rustic and familiar environment in full connection with the territory around. Trying meal of an older and traditional grandma's cuisine passed down over the generations with simple recipes, but with unbeatable flavours.

This is the experience offered from agritourisms as Cascina Magana where the gastronomic aspect is one of the most essential and exciting heritage in this business. Four are the rooms dedicated to lunches and dinners with rustic furniture to let you feel like at home and to revive the history of this farm, a Lombarda courtyard of the 60th that boasts centuries of history.
Environment where to breathe the antique farm culture and to find this even in the meals cooked with love using exclusive own ingredients or from agricultural family-farm in the area. In fact each course meal has to describe the territory and make you feel like being with your family. Menu are modified either following the variations of seasons or daily, in base what there is available.

Nature Trend: locations surrounded by green and their multi-faced

Over the last few years tourists have discovered the value of locations in green environments from the perspective of holidays more characterised by the enjoyment of nature, exploration of local traditions and tasting the genuine products from the land at 0 km. Environments framed by vegetations allows yourself a suggestive Sunday lunch with family or friends, a romantic dinner or spend holiday in a spirit of relax.
The "Nature Trend" is the most popular in Italy, rediscovered from companies that more often organise business meeting in places located at a certain distance form traffic and city chaos. So here is the agritourism, Cascina Magana, situated in the countryside and still with a short-distance from the city, which can represent an important strategic point whether for families or for business people.
Cascina Magana, a lovely and charming place where to get a refreshing break from the city life discovering the land with its bicycle paths surrounded by the nature around suggestive villas and buildings; buying the best farm-products in the area or organising special events from baptisms, Confirmation and first communion to weddings, tasting typical dishes prepared with natural ingredients, being always in contact with nature. Furthermore all this make more pleasant and less stressful a business meeting.
A lot of things in just one place that offer customised experiences at 360°, to satisfy every kind of necessity.