In a family environment, Antonella makes you appreciate the ancient flavours of the farming culture.
Inside the 4 rooms that still preserve traditional fireplaces and outside, during warmer seasons, under the porch you can discover the ancient and traditional cuisine, the simple one, genuine, learned from mom and grandma, prepared with love from

"a mum who cooks for a broadened family"

What we offer to our guests comes from our farm production and others to guarantee always the genuineness. 

During Sundays and Bank Holidays it is just available the fixed-menu Magana Tasting.
We are able to provide gluten free, vegetarian meals and take into considerations the needs of people suffering from food intolerances and allergies.
Customised menu for ceremony, business events and groups.

Our Menus:

"La Magana" Menu euros 35.00*
Tasting Menu euros 30.00* (only from tuesday to friday)

*Kids Menu euros 15.00 is available on request (pasta with a sauce to choose, chicken nuggets in breadcrumbs, roasted potatoes, dessert).
* Children from 3 to 10 years old.