The Cascina Magana, a Family's History

My memories start with my great-grandfather Giovanni. Our family starts its origin exactly from here, at Cascina Magana. Here I was born and here it has always been our farm where my wife Antonella, our children Ludovica, Lucrezia, Andrea and I have subsequently started a new adventure together with our agritourism.
In this place we want to continue giving taste, peace and quite...

Farm: for over 65 years, on a surface of 55 hectares, we grow and produce cereals, corn, wheat, barley, oats, soya, colza. We also raise pigs and turn them in sausages and meat products that we sell at our factory outlet and serve to our customers.
Our farming structure includes animals like chickens, goose, goats, the big organic garden, factory outlet.

Agritourism: kitchen and rooms.